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    My services cover a wide range and are directly linked to both my professional experience, personal life experiences, education, and training. 

    I see every client as unique. As such, the approach must also be a unique plan. Services and interventions are specific and tailored to meet specific needs whether as an individual, couple, or family. There are no cookie cutter models.

    Because change is hard, in order to help support you as you begin your growth journey I offer a free 15 minute phone consultation. Just complete the form on the Contact tab and I’ll get in touch with you shortly. 

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    Counseling for Trauma

    The assistance of a therapist is fundamental to healing from trauma.

    Couples Counseling

    I help people develop the necessary skills needed to maintain sustaining love.

    Family Counseling

    It can be upsetting and frightening to have feelings about motherhood that don’t seem “right.”

    Grief & Bereavement Counseling

    The process of adapting to a loss can dramatically change from person to person.

    Individual Therapy

    Are you having a difficult time handling the struggles in your life?


    Do you need support, but can’t make it to an in-person appointment?

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